Healthy living environment from pure nature


The technology used to manufacture Isoplaat boards is green and environmentally friendly. Fresh coniferous wood chips are milled and formed into a homogeneous insulating boards. No glue or other chemicals are used to manufacture the fibreboard, only natural resins contained in the wood act as binding agents. 




Isoplaat boards are excellent heat insulators. The thermal conductivity of the panels is λ = 0.049 W/mK and the temperature of the wall surface is also significantly improved. Thermal insulation of a 12 mm board is equal to: 

  • 12 mm blown wool,
  • 44 mm wood,
  • 210 mm red brick or
  • 450 mm concrete.




The porous structure of fibreboard significantly improves the sound environment of rooms, preventing entry of outdoor noise and dampening the noise and echo generated in the room. The average noise insulation of Isoplaat board is Rw = 22 dB (12 mm board).





Isoplaat boards are suitable for renovation works and new buildings. The boards are light and can thus be installed easily. No special tools or thorough professional skills are needed.

Watch how easy it is to install Universal boards

Installation of universal wind barrier board




Wood is a natural building material with a positive contribution to human health and welfare and is also a renewable resource. Fibreboards are biologically clean and offer an ecologically safe alternative for the polystyrene foam or glass fibre sound and thermal insulation materials widely used in construction today.